FUEL 3.40 Lime
FUEL 3.40 Lime

FUEL 3.40 Lime

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The FUEL 3.40 is a great feeling softer stick, aimed at the club player and a great first adult stick. The Lime will help you hone your skills but still gives you enough power to deliver the ball when you need it. Simple standout graphics typify the brand. Under the hood we have produced a custom lay-up to deliver power and precision. A full carbon weave head for better wear and extra power plus updated sleeker graphics for an undeniable Fuel look.

  • 40% Carbon matrix giving you the combination of a great touch and enough power
  • Touch compound on the head to displace water and aid control
  • Enforced backhand to accelerate power through the shaft
  • Intelligent particles so the stick acts tough when you want it and responsive when you need it
  • Shape 3 - 25mm Mid-bow shape to aid all aspects of skill
  • Cushioned super soft grip and anti-vibration suspension system to give you a smooth ride
  • The light version is 515g and medium 540g (+/- 10g)