FUEL 2.20 Magenta
FUEL 2.20 Magenta

FUEL 2.20 Magenta

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The FUEL 2.20 is a Low Bow stick created for player's wanting the biggest 25mm bow allowed. Great for Drag flicks and all aspects of 3D skills. 

A great first adult stick, it has a very soft feel so trapping the ball will seem easier than some of the more carbon heavy sticks. The Purple will be a great first adult stick easing the transfer from a wooden or fibreglass starter stick. Simple standout graphics typify the brand. A full carbon weave head for better wear and extra power plus updated sleeker graphics for an undeniable Fuel look.

  • 20% Japanese carbon delivers power whilst maintaining a great feel on the ball

  • Enforced backhand to accelerate power through the shaft

  • Intelligent particles so the stick acts tough when you want it and responsive when you need it

  • Shape 2 - 25mm Low-bow shape to aid all aspects of  3D skill 

  • Perfectly balanced to allow a light pick-up for lightening fast skills but to also deliver effortless power

  • Thin profile to increase 3D traction and control as well as hand speed

  • Full carbon weave head for better wear and extra power 

  • Cushioned super soft grip and anti-vibration suspension system to give you a smooth ride

  • The light version is 515g and medium 550g (+/- 10g)