EGHC Socks - Fuel Sports
EGHC Socks - Fuel Sports

EGHC Socks

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EGHC Club Sock

Elasticated turn over top— eliminates the need for tie-ups and can be worn under or over the knee 
Elasticated ankle support—helps support the ankle and hold the shin pad in place 
A rosso flat toe seam—gives added comfort
Fine Knit—enables extra stretch around the calf area
Padded Sole—gives added comfort
Micro Mesh venting—gives breathability
Elasticated Foot Support— for a better fit
Designed and made in the UK
EGHC sewn into back calf of sock

Size Guide:

UK Sizes: Xsmall 9-12 Small 12-2 Medium 3-6 Large 7-11