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The KROTO is FUEL's homage to Sir Harry Kroto without whom we wouldn't have the nanocarbon particle and therfore Nano sticks.

The FUEL KROTO 4.60 is a Low Bow stick with a concave face created for player's wanting the biggest 25mm bow allowed and extreme power. Great for Drag flicks and all aspects of 3D skills. Simple standout matt and gloss graphics give an undeniable beautiful finish. 

This stick will still give you a great touch and enough power to beat the keeper.


  • 60% of the best nano carbon 

  • Enforced backhand to accelerate power through the shaft

  • Intelligent particles so the stick acts tough when you want it and responsive when you need it

  • Shape 4 - 25mm Low-bow shape to aid all aspects of  3D skill plus concave face for lightening drag flicks and enormous aerials

  • Perfectly balanced to allow a light pick-up for lightening fast skills but to also deliver effortless power

  • Thin profile to increase 3D traction and control as well as hand speed

  • Full carbon weave head for better wear and extra power 

  • Cushioned super soft grip and anti-vibration suspension system to give you a smooth ride

  • The light version is 515g and medium 550g (+/- 10g)